Tina Campbell of Mary Mary says people are ‘jealous’ of Erica Campbell’s body

Erica Campbell's body

Tina Campbell of Mary Mary says people are jealous of Erica Campbell’s body

Rolling out recently chatted with gospel dynamos Mary Mary about their return to television on the “most intense” season to date of their reality show.

And just before they welcome viewers into their world when their show premieres Thursday, Feb. 27,  the ladies are firing back at “haters” who’ve heavily criticized Erica Campbell and her ample curves.

As previously reported, the buxom gospel singer raised eyebrows in December when she released a promo picture (below) of herself wearing silky straight tresses and a white dress that highlighted her bodacious body. Several social media users blasted the Christian star for looking “too sexy” to sing for the Lord and questioned the judgement of her styling team.

Erica Campbell's body

Months later Erica maintains that the entire ordeal still leaves her baffled.

“Every time people talk about the backlash of the white dress I go, ‘what in the world?!’ ” Erica recently told rolling out. “Yes I have curves that I didn’t give to myself and I didn’t buy; you would have to talk to God about that.”

“I’m a mother of three,” she added. “I’ve been overweight; I’ve struggled with my weight, so when [I’m] in [a] healthy mood and I’ve lost weight, then I want to feel beautiful. I don’t think because I’m a gospel artist that ‘sexy’ is a bad word. It means confidence, strength, inner beauty.  The world may define it what one way but I don’t define myself by their standards.”

Mary Mary Rolling Out Joi Pearson Photography -13
Erica Campbell of Mary Mary

She also added a final tidbit for detractors who found themselves so mesmerized by the garb that they just had to comment.

“To the people who found something wrong with the dress, just turn to another picture, just keep scrolling [on Instagram] and look at something else. If I’m supposed to be representing the King, the great one who can change and transform, why should I look busted?!”

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Tina and Erica Campbell of Mary Mary

Erica’s sister, Tina Campbel,l then joined in on the convo and accused commentators of ultimately being jealous of her sister’s sexy figure.

“What was the problem? She’s completely covered up, her hands are posed very gracefully. She’s not cocking her hips, she’s not poking her booty out, she’s not puckering her lips, she’s not doing anything,” Tina told rolling out.

“You’re looking at her looking nice, and yes, the dress is fitted and her body looks nice in it, but she’s not trying to ‘give it to you.’ The problem is God made her beautiful and it’s not her problem. Most of the people with the problem are mad that they can’t put that dress on and look the same way; that is their problem!”

Tina then continued and called out “religious people” for rushing to judgement.

“It’s a bunch of haters and religious people because religious people are the same people that killed Jesus,” said Tina.  This is just a bunch of rules and regulations on ‘this is how things are supposed to be done.’ The main thing we know about Jesus is love. Where is your love? All you’re doing is condemning and ridiculing.”

She’s covered from her neck down almost to her ankles. She’s not doing any twisting and turning.”

“Mary Mary” airs tonight at 9 EST on WE tv.

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