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Isaiah Washington talks comeback after homophobic downfall

Isaiah Washington - Cover

Last night, Isaiah Washington made his high-profile return to “Grey’s Anatomy” for the much-hyped departure of Sandra Oh, nearly eight years after being fired from the series for hurling an anti-gay slur during a cast altercation. In a recent interview with, Washington is opening up about his slow return to TV and his efforts to redeem himself in the public eye.

In the interview, Washington discusses his firing from “Grey’s” and how, ironically, he’s recently been getting buzz in Hollywood over his role in the gay-themed independent movie Blackbird, which also stars Mo’Nique. But despite allegations that Washington is pandering to a gay audience to cement his redemption story, he says that he’s simply playing a character that he wanted to play.

“It doesn’t go without being said that someone who was fired for being a homophobe is telling a story to ingratiate or reintegrate himself in the Hollywood system  or remove the idea that I am homophobic. That simply is not the truth. I would have done this movie no matter what,” he explained.

Washington’s ties to the LGBT community aren’t limited to the silver screen, though. In the real world, Washington spent many years following his high-profile firing lending his face to PSAs and campaigns dedicated to LGBT equality and anti-bullying initiatives. All of which garnered his return to “Grey’s,” and earned a certified seal of approval from GLAAD.

“His PSA and his statements promoting marriage equality in recent years have sent a strong message of support for LGBT people,” GLAAD wrote about Washington.

But beyond his personal efforts to change his outlook, as well as that of the world around him, when it comes to the LGBT community, Washington maintains that he wants to use his muse to benefit all minorities in the world.

“I have been wanting to use my artistic life to give value to the marginalized, the abused, the neglected, the stigmatized individuals of all walks of life,” Washington said.

Well, it’s still unclear whether Washington can fully regain his place in the Hollywood limelight. But if his words about equality are true, then he’s definitely still forging a path for himself that’s worth praising. –nicholas robinson



  1. butter bean sugar on May 5, 2014 at 12:47 pm

    I LOVE THE FACT HE has turned all the negative into positive , i dont think he was a phobic at all its just that stars put themselves out there to be investigated .and made an example .., some people dont like gays , they just dont verbalize it ,, and they are nice to gays and respectful but but like anything if you piss a person off they gonna point out your flaws, weaknesses , inabilities , illness, dumbness, and call you what ever they feell you are ., is that right no …. but they should not have cause this actor to be blacklisted , i rather know how a person feel than to have fakes around not saying they hate blacks but peretending to like blacks and at home saying DONT BRING BLACK FOLKS TO A BASKETBALL GAME !! THAT IS RACIST …..
    isaiah is a good man ., he has done mission work in africa while he was on GREY ANATOMY … i dont like that katheryn hiegle ,, she had some nasty comments about isiah ,, and now people dontl iike her for who she is … gay phobic or not she is mess and unhappy with herself ..
    god bless you isiah… you will rise again .

  2. Get real on May 5, 2014 at 8:15 pm

    Yeah, um, the remark was homophobic and Washington got checked the same way if a cast mate had used a racial slur against Washington. A lot of groups think that they have cornered the market on being discrimated against , and that it’s okay to be homophobic, like the person commenting below . That doesn’t cut it anymore .