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Arrest warrant issued for former ‘CSI’ star Gary Dourdan


Bench warrant issued for Gary Dourdan

SAG Award winner Gary Dourdan blew off a court appearance this week, and the judge has now issued a bench warrant for his arrest.

According to TMZ, the former “CSI” star “was sentenced in November 2012 to five years probation after allegedly breaking his ex-girlfriend’s nose in a domestic violence incident back in 2011.

Dourdan had a progress hearing for that case this week … but didn’t show … so the judge acted swiftly and yanked his probation.”


Although Dourdan was MIA in court this week, the 47-year-old troubled actor last tweeted the below photo on May 23, featuring him and Snoop partying in Los Angeles, California.

We’re hoping Dourdan turns himself in posthaste to avoid any further violation. – ruthie hawkins/@ruubabie


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