Marlon Wayans excited about the DVD release of ‘A Haunted House 2’


Marlon Wayans is excited about the release of the DVD for A Haunted House 2, and recently, he explained to rolling out why. Check out what Wayans had to say and what he has been up to below. joi pearson @joiapearson

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How excited are you about the DVD release tomorrow?

Man, I’m very excited about the official DVD release. Now, I can have a real copy out that isn’t a bootleg because it’s out on DVD in the hood for quite some time now. They’ve gotten so good with the bootlegs that now they are in better quality than the movie is. The bootleg director criteria has stepped their game up.

We have noticed that you and your brothers are touring now on the Wayans Brothers Comedy Tour. How is that going?

It is great. I have so much fun with them, we make each other better because we challenge each other. Each one of us goes on for about 25 minutes and make people laugh for about an hour and a half, people have said that they laugh so hard that their face hurts and that’s exactly what we want to hear.

Are there any thoughts of doing a movie together?

I think we should, right now Damon is all over the place but then again you know brothers, we can’t be around each other too long.

What else is going on with you right now?

I’ve got my show on TBS “Funniest Wins” is doing really great! [It] is a comedy competition reality show, we are just trying to find the overall funniest person out there. They have to compete in stand up, to hidden camera, to character, to sketch and the winner gets $100,000 to spend on their own web series on my digital network The talent auditioned, some sent in tapes or performed in comedy clubs and the funniest people got it.

Are you working on any more movies right now?

I’m writing a few right now, but I can’t tell you about it because the bootleggers might get those too.

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