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Fit Fridays: 3 tips to prepare the kids for the new school year


Parents rejoice! The new school year is upon us. The kids are out of your hair again … at least during school hours.

And while the beginning of the school year usually signals relief from having to keep the kids entertained, occupied, and stimulated, there are a few common school age nuisances that could and should be addressed before the kids return to classes.

Here are three quick tips to make sure you’re ahead of the game.

The Eyes Have It
A full eye exam prior to the start of the school year can catch a perspective problem early. Most parents discover that their children need eyeglasses in the middle of the school year and we all know how vital reading is to comprehension.

Being short-sighted may prevent a child from reading a chalkboard properly, while being long-sighted can cause problems with reading, writing, concentration and hand-to-eye coordination” says Francesca Marchetti of the College of Optometrists.

Making sure your child has any needed eye exams during the summer break puts you a step ahead of the game.

Pack Light
We generally don’t think of school aged children as being good candidates for back and neck issues but the fact remains that the problem isn’t as far fetched as we think.

“Check [to ensure] your child isn’t carrying unnecessary items for each day’s activity,” says Chiropractor Tim Hutchful.

When you take a step back and realize everything that kids carry on a daily basis nowadays (books, lunch, laptops, tablets, personal hygiene items, etc.), it’s a wonder that back and neck pain are not more common.

Aside from helping to make sure their load only includes bare necessities, having the right bag can also help.

“Choose a backpack with adjustable straps so the weight is evenly distributed. If they use a one-strap bag, make sure they wear it across their body and on alternate shoulders” advises Hutchful.

Important Immunity
The start of the fall season means cooler temperatures which lead to the common cold, the flu, and anything else our less than cautious little ones can spread at school.

“Children’s immune systems are less developed than those of adults, so ensuring your child has a balanced diet, rich in vitamins and minerals, is important to boost immunity,” says Dr. Sarah Brewer. “If your child is a fussy eater, top up their nutrient levels with a multivitamin for children.”

Getting the kids into a beginning of the day vitamin routine works wonders as a preventative step. If the child is younger, a good gummy bear-esque vitamin will do the trick.

Most infectious diseases, such as stomach bugs, are spread by hands, so making sure children properly wash and sanitize their hands goes a long way.

Here’s to a happy, healthy, and productive school year!

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