Evelyn Lozada’s fiancé loses major legal battle with kids’ mother

Carl Crawford, Amy Freeman & Evelyn Lozada - Cover

Things between Evelyn Lozada and her fiancé, Carl Crawford, may be peachy, but things couldn’t further from peaceful between Crawford and his other baby’s mama. According to a new report, he just suffered a major loss in his ongoing court battle with her.

According to the TheJasmineBrand.com, Crawford and his baby’s mama, Amy Freeman, have been embroiled in a custody battle over their two children for more than a year now.

Freeman, the mother of Crawford’s 10-year-old son and 1-year-old daughter, was previously living in Arizona but decided to move to L.A. last year, claiming that she wanted her family to be closer to Crawford.

However, Crawford claimed that Freeman took their son out of school abruptly and put their family home up for sale without any warning as she began her move to California. Crawford claims that Freeman only wanted to move West to take advantage of California’s favorable child support laws so she can get even more of his $142 million fortune, and he sued her to stop her from completing her move.

However, Crawford was unable to stop Freeman’s move and he proceeded to sue her for a portion of the money she received from the sale of the Arizona home, which he claims he bought.

Unfortunately for Crawford, in July, an Arizona judge sided with Freeman and ruled that she didn’t owe Crawford any money for the home.

Crawford is now trying to appeal the court decision and wants Freeman to pay him for the home.

But that’s not the only problem Crawford has. Find out how much Freeman is demanding in child support from Crawford after the cut. –nicholas robinson


Nicholas Robinson
Nicholas Robinson

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