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Bobbi Kristina moving back home?

Photo Credit: Bobbi Kristina's Instagram (@realbkristinahg)

Photo credit: Bobbi Kristina’s Instagram (@realbkristinahg)

For the past few weeks, Cissy Houston has been sharing the somber news that Bobbi Kristina, though out of her medically induced coma, is still unresponsive after nearly drowning in January. Although the outlook for Bobbi’s recovery is bleak, reports are now claiming that Bobbi is going to be living a peaceful life at home.

According to RadarOnline, sources say that the Houston family is considering moving Bobbi back to the Georgia townhouse where she was found unresponsive in her bathtub.

“They are planning to keep her in Georgia and possibly bring her back to the townhouse,” a source close to the family told Radar. “That was her home and her mom’s home and if they can bring her back, it would be great.”

We’re surprised that the family would consider bringing Bobbi back to a place where such a family tragedy occurred, but move over to the next page to read why they want Bobbi back home.

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  1. britishrose on May 13, 2015 at 10:43 am

    THIS IS ALL SO HEART BREAKING .. just to see her laying there almost lifeless ? man that would kill me daily , i dont think the public quit know her like we thought we knew her, she has always been a mysterie usually in the background of her momas shadow protected and when her moma died she thought she would take on the image of whitney and have whitneys fans and when that didnt happen i think it effected her mind ., people were hating her and insulting her , she was not as pretty as her moma was at her age . and people were cruel ..saying she look like bobby , which maybe cause the resentment of bobby, she even tried to act and sing .. and failed and the public is so cruel .. most still reeling from loosing whitney .. we all loved houston so much we forgot to embrass the one thing that connected us to her bobbi kris ., its so sad ,,, and now we all looking stupid , dont know what to say .. .cause this is life curb call and any of us could be where she is … god uses some people to teach lessons this may be our lesson too . to learn to appreciate the gift…. whitney child was all we had left and we disrespect that dream too … god bless you bobbi kris and get well YOU CAN DO IT GIRL …