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Kenny ‘The Jet’ Smith and Coors Light donate $15,000 to Metroboard

(Photo courtesy of John L. Alexander Photography)

(Photo courtesy of John L. Alexander Photography)

Kenny “The Jet” Smith, TV analyst and former NBA star, joined Coors Light to make a $15,000 donation to the Metroboard of Chicago Urban League. The donation is part of the Coors Light Full Court Refresh program, now in its second year, which restores community basketball courts in need across the country. Local basketball courts in Chicago, Joliet and Kankakee, will benefit from the program this year. For more information, please visit


(Photo courtesy of John L. Alexander Photography)

Rolling out had a chance to ask Smith a few questions about Full Court Refresh. When asked about how he he feels this project helps the communities overall, Smith said, What I think the refresh does is kind of like putting on a new shirt, you pop the tag off and you feel good, [it] doesn’t mean that this shirt is better than your last shirts, but it feels good when it’s new. Overall it gives the community an opportunity to feel new about itself.”

Smith understands the importance of his platform and he leverages the opportunity to bring a voice to people who maybe would not listen to others with the same message.

In the midst of the NBA playoffs we asked Smith who he felt would win the NBA championship. He mentioned the Golden State Warriors have the best chance, however, he also commented on the way LeBron James has been able to enact a Harry Houdini type of performance to make the Cavaliers a serious contender for the NBA championship. Coaching may be in his future , but Smith is currently content with the history and legacy he is creating with his “Inside the NBA” family.

We also took an opportunity to ask about how he thought the Chicago Bulls could get better, “For the Bulls to get better, they need what I call R.I.C.E. rest, ice, compression and elevation, they really had the best team this year but they could not stay healthy,” he said.

Let’s hope the Chicago Bulls front office is listening and we can see a full court refresh at The United Center next year. Thank you to Coors and Kenny Smith for taking the time out and donating the resources to help make Chicago better.


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