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Golden Brooks’ best moments of shade thrown at Elise Neal on ‘Hollywood Divas’

Golden Brooks - Photo Courtesy of TV One website
Golden Brooks

Golden Brooks seems to have stolen the spotlight on TV One’s “Hollywood Divas.” It seems Golden is taking every possible chance she gets her hands on to throw shade in Elise Neal’s direction. What I’m not understanding is how Golden Brooks and Elise Neal seemed like they were buddies at the beginning of the season. These two are probably among the longest working actresses on this reality TV show. Perhaps the title “Hollywood Divas” is extremely befitting for these two women.

Elise Neal- Photo Courtesy of TV one websiteAs we witnessed on the last episode 7, Brooks was perterbed by an interview Neal did on the subject of family. When Elise was asked the question about being single and not having any children in which she responded the following, “My main reason I don’t have children currently is because I always wanted to have the man first and then the child in that order.” This struck a nerve with Brooks. Basically, Neal was stating she chose to remain childless unless the right situation “to be married first” was presented to her. Since Neal is still not married, then she doesn’t have any children. But isn’t Elise entitled to have a preference?

Seems Brooks took offense to that statement as if she were feeling a certain type of way and basically she took Elise’s statement as if it were a personal dig at all single women with children. Pretty much Brooks took offense to this as if Neal was looking down on single mothers. I personally didn’t think that’s the point Neal was trying to make.

Brooks being sparked by Neal’s comments has brought attention to one of Golden Brooks hidden talent. The ability to throw shade farther than anyone on reality tv. Too bad there is no award category for “shade throwing” at the NAACP Image awards. I’m not sure this ability would fall under the same category as “comedic actor”. Let’s flash back to the shade throwing comments. We all love a good read, shade and tea! Quotes from Brooks:

“I know it’s been a while since she has been “on set” so maybe she forgot how to act”

“She changes her mind like she changes her weaves”

“You would think someone at that age would rise above the drama. I know you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”

Golden, Golden, Golden! Tamar Braxton must be shedding a proud tear with the “reading lessons” she has undoubtedly given you. Even though I love me some Neal, I have acquired an appreciation for a good read. However, if Brooks wasn’t only four years minus Neal’s age (according to her IDMB of course) then perhaps the “old dog” comment would have been a little bit more entertaining. Not to mention honey if most women looked as good as Elise Neal and was as fine as she is (no homo) then I know a lot of younger men would definitely be dating older women. So come again with the last line Ms. Golden.

What do you think? Was Brooks wrong for dispensing such shade at Neal?

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