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Meet Brittney Taylor, Trina’s protégée

Photo credit: Mike Montoya

Fresh on the heels of her recently released, Bigga Rankin hosted Jack Rabbit Vol. 1: The Arsonist [Rockstarr Music Group x Muzik First Inc. Presents] Brittney T., protégée of Miami, Florida’s own Queen Rapstress, Trina, has arrived …

When did you first become interested in music? And, how did it actually all begin for Brittney Taylor?

Well, I first became interested in music the day I was able to bop my head to a beat. I was basically born into music. My mom was a singer/song-writer and my dad was a DJ.

Where exactly do you hail from? And growing up there, who all did/do you consider to be your strongest musical influences?

I’m from New York City. Born and raised in [a] small public housing neighborhood named ‘RavensWood.’ It’s [a] four-block neighborhood located in Queens, New York. My strongest music influences growing up were Missy Elliott, the Spice Girls, Lauryn Hill, The Firm, Roc-A-Fella and Bad Boy.

At what particular point in time did you opt to pursue music on a professional level?

I was given the opportunity to pursue music on a professional level at the age of 15. This was around the time freestyle dancing was big in my city, and a very popular DJ got me in the studio to cut my first record that went to radio called “5000.”

How do you classify your sound?

I actually just classified my sound in 2015. It took me a long time to find my sound. I can basically do any genre of music, so I never really had one particular sound. My style has changed over the years as well. But, how I classified my sound was just being in the studio sun up to sun down creating melodies.

 What particular string of events led to your initial linking up with Trina and ultimately being taken under her wing as her protégé?

I was introduced to Trina by a mutual friend of ours. I was brought into Circle House Studios to pitch hooks for Trina’s new album, and she fell in love with me from there…The rest is history.

How much actual input/involvement does “Da Baddest B” have when it comes to the overall hands on experience with you?  

Well, Trina as you know is “Da Baddest” as we know, so she really just sits pretty and lets me take the wheel. I just basically go through her for opinions and feedback before anything gets put out. I’m a busy body; I like to do everything.

And, has the self-proclaimed ‘RockStarr’ given you any real good/helpful advice, since she has been in the business of music for nearly 17 years now?

Yes, Trina always gives the best advice. It’s one of my favorite things about being able to work with her. She lets me know the real ins and outs [of] this music industry.

Back in April you unleashed your latest mix-tape offering Jack Rabbit Volume 1.  What exactly does this title represents both to and for you?

My first mixtape is titled ‘Jack Rabbit ‘… It’s a lot behind that title. For one, a Jack Rabbit is actually a hare not a rabbit. Hares are larger than rabbits. They have the highest leap/jump. So, I named it that because I am actually “Jumping” on other peoples’ beats. And, it just all adds up. “Jack” which is short for Jacking, in which I’m jacking other mainstream artists’ beats. And, Jack is also my alter-ego who is a gay boy named Jack.

Your recently unveiled single is a collabo with your mentor titled “Like This.” How did it come to fruition?

“Like This” is one of my faves. It just represents confidant independent women all around the world. I thought about Trina and I went in the booth and started with the melody of the hook…Then, I put the words together line by line in the booth. I didn’t even write the lyrics down.

What do you feel you bring to the music industry that we don’t already have in other performers? And, have you encountered any problems in getting to this point in your career? 

What I bring to the music industry that we haven’t already had in other performers is dynamic diversity. I write my own songs, sing my own hooks, rap my verses and actually give a full dance routine on stage when performing these records. I can make a hip-hop record and an EDM record in the same session. Haven’t really seen a young brown skinned Queen doing it such as myself.

I’ve been working for years and I’ve encountered many problems getting to this point. But, I keep pushing and that’s what counts the most.

What do you want people to get from your music?

I want people to get my story. I want people to be able to say, “That’s me” or “This is so real!” I need the people to be able to listen to my music and feel like they, too, can do and be whatever they wanna be. I like to take people into a trance.

When can we expect some more music from you? Like maybe perhaps that full-length debut solo album …

You can expect more music from me very soon. I’m now working on an EP. Far as a full length debut solo album, who knows. Maybe this year. Maybe next. Maybe 2 years from now. It just has to make sense.

Photo credit: Mike Montoya

If you could collaborate with any one artist, living or dead, who would it be and why?

If I could collab with any artist alive or dead … Hmm … It would have to be Missy Elliott because I just idolize her so much and I don’t really think there is anyone else out there that is as dope as me but Missy. I know we’d make a smash with Timbo on the boards! *More giggles

If you could play any venue in the world, which one would you choose and why?

If I could play any venue in the world, I would choose COACHELLA! It’s been my dream to rock the Coachella stage. I just love the energy.

One track of yours that you think defines you and why?

One track of mines that defines me would have to be “Higher.” That’s me; just always on another level. Always wavy.

On a more serious note, are you happy with the current state of Hip-Hop? And, even more specifically, women in rap, or the lack thereof?

Am I happy with the state of Hip-Hop right now? No. Because women in rap, there really aren’t any and that’s what makes me unhappy.

In terms of longevity, what do you feel it is that will continue to sustain you in this grueling industry?

In terms of longevity, I feel like my uniqueness, constancy and fearlessness, will sustain me in this grueling industry.

Do you have other aspirations?

Yes, I have other outside future aspirations. I wanna be an actress / movie director. It’s another passion of mine.

To date, what has been your biggest career moment, at least thus far anyway? 

My biggest career moment would have to be the day I dropped Jack Rabbit Volume 1. Although it was only a mixtape, it was my first body of work ever. And, I did it with no help nor features. That was huge to me.

Looking ahead, say five or maybe even 10 years from now, where do you see yourself?

Looking ahead 10 years from now, I see myself headlining world tours. I see myself selling out venues across the country, living in a huge mansion In Beverly Hills with a killer fan-base. I see myself being (a) legend.

As for the immediate, what’s next for you, Miss Taylor?

What’s next for me is touring. I’m going to be going on Chris Brown’s ‘One Hell of A Nite Tour’; I’ll be coming out on my BFF Teyana Taylor’s set and soon putting out the EP.

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