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Every cutie with a booty can buy a COOGI


Actor Jamal Woolard for COOGI /PURE Atlanta (photo credit rolling out)

The name COOGI is synonymous with hip-hop and equally connected to the legacy of Biggie Smalls. The brand became a full-fledged part of hip-hop via Biggie’s lyrics such as “However living better now, COOGI sweater now” on Notorious B.I.G.’s “Big Poppa” and  “However I stay COOGI down to the socks” from the hot “One More Chance” remix.

After a noticeable hiatus from the fashion scene, COOGI brand is relaunching for fall 2015 with a tribute to the Notorious B.I.G. through a joint partnership with One Grand Gallery titled Ready 2 Die. The brand makes its Atlanta’s debut at the city’s premiere men’s boutique,PURE Atlanta.

Jamal Woolard for COOGI via PURE Atlanta (photo credit rolling out Magazine

Jamal Woolard for COOGI/PURE Atlanta (photo credit rolling out)

Talking to Willie Escobar, COOGI’S creative director, the day before the Atlanta premiere allowed our cameras to get a sneak preview of some of the brand’s newest designs prior to the unveiling on Thursday, Oct. 22. One of the things that makes this launch different is that the brand has extended its outreach to include women’s wear. The pieces are exclusively available at PURE Atlanta.

Biggie 3

Jamal Woolard for COOGI /PURE Atlanta (photo credit rolling out)

“We have a women’s line this go ’round, but women have always been customers,” Escobar says. He believes that women will enjoy the new pieces.

COOGI r-launched with a tribute to hip-hop’s greatest artist, Biggie Smalls. “We started in Brooklyn but it was strictly focused on art. We’re excited about the Atlanta launch because we’ve partnered with Lizzie PURE and PURE Atlanta and she is major here. It’s a good look for the brand. We’re excited about going to Miami for Art Basel and ending the Ready 2 Die campaign in Vegas on our turf at a trade show,” Escobar explains.