Kore Stacks blasts ‘LHHH’ stars Milan Christopher and Miles Brock for disgracing the LGBT community

Kore Stacks , Milan Brock and Miles Christopher Photo Credit Jonell Media PR via Steed Media
Kore Stacks , Miles Brock and Milan Christopher Photo Credit Jonell Media PR via Steed Media

Milan Christopher probably didn’t imagine how reality TV would change his life when he signed up to star on “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood,” exposing his gay lifestyle to a voracious and often nasty viewership. Well, E1 distribution label artist Kore Stacks who’s been linked to “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” apparently doesn’t appreciate the jaded relationship of lies and deceit displayed to the public by Milan Christopher and Miles Brock on this season’s “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.”

Kore Stacks Photo Credit Jonell Media PR via Steed Media
Kore Stacks Photo Credit Jonell Media PR via Steed Media

Stacks sat down with rolling out and the first thing he expressed was his excitement to see there would be a gay couple on “Love and Hip Hop” and that they were rappers. However, his excitement shifted as the season progressed.

“This is ridiculous! The gay community has a hard fight on it’s hands. In the entertainment industry, the rappers are taking the worst of the abuse by not being able to live freely and open out of fear of being pigeonholed as a ‘gay rapper’ and the attention then not being focused on our craft but rather on the big question, ‘Who else is gay in the industry?'” he said. “Miles and Milan are the perfect example of ‘disgracing the community’ with all the lies, deceit and games they are playing. It’s a mockery … ”

He went on to explain how the pair can be detrimental to the LGBT community.

“… We were being co-signed by the #1 TV show host Wendy Williams. One day she was praising the ‘Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’ couple for being bold and coming out to their family and confessing their love on national TV. Within less than 24 hours, she was clutching her pearls because … Miles and Milan were in the streets of NYC within less than one week fighting like common street thugs,” he said.

Photo Credit Twitter @Milanchrisgordy
Photo Credit Twitter @Milanchrisgordy

“Milan was on social media outing Miles as a liar, stating Miles was never dating ‘his alledged cousin’ Amber. Yes, Amber is Miles best friend and cousin and she was all going along with the gag for TV. Milan was on snap chat saying he had paid receipts as proof their story was staged. Basically, he outed Miles for creating a character for his story line on national television and I feel this whole fraud has now set back the gay community another five years,” he added. “Their behavior is proposterous and I know I’m speaking on behalf of others in the gay community who feel the same embarrassment and outrage for their fraudulent behavior. Our life as men is not a joke.”

Stacks continued, “Duping my girl Wendy Williams was the #1 not cool thing to do. We are really struggling with coming to grips publicly with our identity and to get on national TV and play this whole thing out as one big sloppy ghetto joke is unacceptable and something should be said about it. So, this is why I am speaking out. As an artist when media request interviews from me, no one wants to know about my music; instead, they want to know, ‘Who else is on the down low?; I have been offered cash to out rappers and I simply will not play these types of games.”

What are your thoughts? Do you think Miles is really in love with Milan or is this all made up for the cameras?

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