Mahisha Dellinger creating amazing tresses for Black women with Curls Beauty Brands

Photo courtesy of Mahisha Dellinger

What is the name of your company and what is its mission statement?

CURLS Beauty Brands.

Our mission is simple — creating amazing tresses one curl at a time, utilizing organic ingredients for women and girls embracing their natural curls.
What three things have you learned about starting a business everyone should  know?

I have learned a lot as a business owner over the last 14 years. In my best-selling memoir, Against All Odds – From The Projects to the Penthouse, I outline 26 key business lessons.

Here are my top three lessons for anyone considering starting a business:

  1. Stay true to yourself, your core audience and your mission. Getting off course can cost you your business.
  2. Overnight success can take five [or more] years. Do not get discourages after year two if you aren’t a multimillionaire. Remember, 80 percent of all businesses fail in the first year. Keep pressing on!
  3. Keep things in perspective. As a business owner, it is very tempting to put the business first. The proper order, in my life, is God first, family second and business third.

What two things motivate you to be successful every day. 

I am motivated by four things: Kiana, Bryce, Isabella and Kennedy, my four children. I was a young, unwed mother when i had my firstborn Kiana (21). Kiana was my muse, my motivation to create a better life for her than i had. Fast-forward to today, I have three additional reasons to make sure that the legacy I leave behind propels my family forward for many generations to come!

One famous business quote that you use.

My favorite inspirational quote: “When you wake up in the morning, you have two choices: go back to sleep and dream your dreams, or wake up and chase your dreams!”

To be successful in business you must be a motivated self starter that powers past “no.” I haven’t found a quote that rings more true.

What does girl power mean to you and why is it important for women to attend  business conferences like GirlPower SleepOver?

Girl power, to me, is collective empowerment movement to help women embrace and empower each other.  As a woman of color, i understand the importance of, and need for such a movement.  We do not always embrace each other  and i commend Sabrina for creating such an amazing event!

Who is your mentor(s) and why did you choose them? 

I have a few mentors, for different aspects of my life, every person should. My mother is my spiritual mentor, you always need a prayer warrior in your corner. Eric and Renee Brown (daughter of the Comer Cottrell, ethnic hair care pioneer) are my business mentors. Dr. Jacqueline Rosario is my life coach. I wear so many hats, jungle so many balls, and a have an overly full plate … having a life coach is good for my sanity!

What is your social media strategy for the brand?

Our strategy for social media goes well beyond sharing pretty hair pictures, and life style posts. Our goal is to connect with our supporters (i do not like to call them followers) to engage them, support them in their hair journey, and educate them.

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