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Reality TV » Pastor Troy addresses ‘Little Women: ATL’ rumors with new single

Pastor Troy addresses ‘Little Women: ATL’ rumors with new single

Pastory Troy and Ms Minnie

@pastortroydgsb Instagram Pastor Troy and Ms Minnie

Lifetime recently launched a “Little Women: Atlanta” franchise to join its staple Little Women series. Centered around vertically challenged women dealing with being a small in a world full of talls, “Little Women: Atlanta” turned the heat all the way up when cast member Ms. Minnie announced she was in a relationship with southern rap pioneer Pastor Troy. Minnie was accused of lying by several cast mates even after producing pictures with her “boyfriend” at various events.

The Internet went crazy with questions for the rapper known for carving a hip hop niche for Atlanta. Was Pastor Troy really in a relationship with a midget? While being called a liar, Miss Minnie stuck to her story, insisting she was in a relationship that was admittedly going bad, but was realistic nonetheless. Instead of recanting the story, she revealed she was pregnant by Pastor Troy.

Pastor Troy addressed the rumors the best way he could, by releasing a record entitled “To answer ya’lls questions…. #TeamMinnie.” After addressing some of the girls making fun of Minnie, he raps, “I’m so sick of your slick comments on my pic. Just cause you’re tall, b***** you ain’t s***.”  He also refers to Minnie as “his midget.” Troy ends the song with the line, “PT Cruiser eligible bachelor,” suggesting he is a free man, but he also ends with the tag “#TeamMinnie in this b****.”

Troy’s response to his fans’ cyber-bullying Miss Minnie are admirable, to say the least. A source close to the couple says she has seen the interaction between the two and knows they have been in a relationship to some extent. “Minnie is crazy about Pastor Troy and I know for a fact that he is crazy about her too. People should just leave them alone,” a personal friend revealed.

To hear Pastor Troy’s entire response “To Answer Y’all’s Questions #TeamMinnie” listen after the cut:


  1. Rick Manigault on February 29, 2016 at 8:15 pm

    I love that damn show.

  2. Domo"Deep Thought"Seinfellison on March 1, 2016 at 9:19 pm