Find out which celeb has been helping Prince’s family

Photo Credit: Prince's Instagram (@prince)
Photo credit: Prince’s Instagram (@prince)

Ever since last week, fans of the late great Prince have been talking about the sad feud that’s brewing between the singer’s surviving siblings over his fortune. But while Prince’s siblings are bickering, reports claim that the family has been getting help from comedian George Lopez.

As previously reported, Prince’s full sister, Tyka Nelson, is going to court with their five surviving half-siblings to sort out who should get what portion of Prince’s reported $150 million fortune. Although Minnesota law claims that the siblings all have an equal share of Prince’s wealth, sources say that Tyka wants a larger share and stormed out of a meeting with half-brothers Alfred Jackson and Omarr last week after Alfred accused her of not inviting him to Prince’s memorial.

According to media reports, the problem is bigger than just a squabble between the siblings. Sources say that all of Prince’s assets have been frozen until a judge can determine how much the administrator of Prince’s estate should give to the late artist’s family members for living expenses, which means that all of the money that Prince generously gave to his family while he was alive has stopped.

Sources say that some of Prince’s siblings are now struggling without the money they regularly received from Prince, However, the sources say that Lopez was very close with Prince and that he’s come to the rescue and given Prince’s siblings $20,000 to help them with living and travel expenses.

Lopez’s charity may not end there because the sources claim that Lopez is willing to give even more if Prince’s siblings need it. It’s reported that Lopez gave his money to the family anonymously because he didn’t want any public praise or acknowledgement for his effort to help his late friend’s family.

However, clearly his support isn’t anonymous anymore. Whether he wants it or not, we’re definitely giving kudos to Lopez for stepping up to the plate to help Prince’s family out. Now, we just hope they can quickly settle this money issue so they won’t have to depend on outside help.


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