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Meet Wealthy Yogi and find out what she brings to Atlanta Commission on Women

Photo courtesy of Roshawnna Novellus

Roshawnna Novellus has an impressive résumé. She holds a Ph.D. in systems engineering, with a minor in finance, a Master of Science in information technology emphasizing information systems engineering, a Bachelor of Arts in business management economics, and a Bachelor of Science in computer engineering — achieving summa cum laude in each.

On Tuesday, July 5, 2016, at Atlanta’s City Hall, she was appointed by the Atlanta City Council President Ceasar C. Mitchell to serve on the Atlanta Commission on Women. A leading task force established by Mayor Kasim Reed in 2000, it aims to promote, encourage and provide advisory assistance to other women’s organizations, women in business, and women in the community, and to provide leadership by taking action to promote legislation that will protect and support women.

Novellus will serve for two years on the commission to advocate issues affecting the quality of life, status, and well-being of women and girls in Atlanta.

She brings to the commission her expertise in finance, health mindfulness, and entrepreneurship. Her goal in joining the Atlanta Commission on Women is to help overcome the obstacles that women often face regarding educational needs, tax law, health issues, and equality. Having a background in strategic financial management for business owners, tax resolution, and leading a healthful lifestyle, the new resident of the city of Atlanta was appointed based on her education and professional experience that have greatly affected the community of entrepreneurs. She’s known as The Wealthy Yogi for her insightful leadership in guiding people toward financial balance. The goals of The Wealthy Yogi are to advocate for more mindful outlooks while pursuing strategic objectives.

Novellus has developed a five-step blueprint for mindful money management to show any entrepreneur how to create a stress-free wealthy lifestyle. Through her books, programs and retreats, she has helped thousands of entrepreneurs achieve intentional personal success.

Read here to learn more about she plans to align the goals of The Wealthy Yogi to meet the needs of women in Atlanta.

What is your plan over the next two years?
To create a resource directory that provides health, wellness, business, and entrepreneurial resources for women to help ease their gap of access. I’ve noticed there are no comprehensive directories that list angel investors, resources for capital (beyond banks), a list of entrepreneurs and small businesses in the area. Most women cannot turn to the banks for loans nor are they able to easily find support for their business- and finance-related problems.

What will be implemented right away?
The first duty is to speak with and engage the community. I am seeking to find topics/issues that concern women living in metro Atlanta. My hope is to focus on entrepreneurship and wellness. My duty is to share my findings with Atlanta City council members and surveyors to seek resolution. In previous years, the Atlanta Commission on Women hosted annual health and safety forums that I would like to see brought back to life.

Why is your appointment a good fit for the Atlanta community?
I focus on providing tools and guidance for entrepreneurs seeking to increase their income, reach health goals and balance work/life. Atlanta is one of the leading cities in women business development. My goal is to research, find and promote the availability of education, financial literacy, create programs and increase investment in women-led businesses.

Who will benefit?
Atlanta women who are seeking to have their voices heard or are in need of city awareness of specific issues plaguing females i.e,. job availability, health issues, entrepreneurship and business resources.

Visit for more information on Dr. Novellus, To join the conversation follow @TheWealthyYogi on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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