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‘Black-ish’ star Allen Maldonado talks new movie and his ideal love interest

Photo credit: TV One Network

Allen Maldonado is not a name new to the acting world. You might recognize the dashing star from numerous network shows like: ABC’s “Blackish,” FX’s “You’re the Worst,” and even Star’s “Survivor’s Remorse.” Recently, the talented actor is one of the main characters in Russ Parr’s new movie Ringside. Maldonado dished on the details of his role in the movie and preparing for it.

How was playing such an intense character like Spencer in the movie Ringside?
Man, it was a dream come true. I’m the champion of the world! I’m cocky, I’m arrogant and braggadocios. It was really fun being able to be who you want to be sometimes, but you have manners. Spencer, does what he wants, does who he wants when he feels like it. It was kind of a free spirit.

For every other actor that wants to play a role like this, what advice would you give them to get prepared for the role?
Physically, you have to enter into a boxers’ world. I myself have been boxing for about four years now. So the boxing aspect of the role, I was like a fish in water. But, that definitely prepared me to get into character for Spencer. To be a fighter you’re stepping into the arena, with the knowledge of someone wanting to take your head off in that ring. You have to display that certain amount of confidence to be able to fight another human being. Training and stepping into the ring also gets you prepared. I also did sparring; that really got me prepared for that role.

How was it working with director Russ Parr and the TV One team?
Russ is amazing. He’s one of those directors that allow you to create a skeleton in dealing with each scene, and it’s our job as actors to put the meat on it. TV One has been spectacular, in promoting the movie. We’re all excited for the September 4 premiere. As we project the movie will do really well, and that’ll be awesome for us. It would be nice to keep this going so people can see the behind-the-scenes of boxing and the fight that happens.

What other roles would you like to play to see your acting be pushed to another level?
Bob Marley! That’s someone I’ve been really fascinated with. That’s a role where I would really want to challenge myself. I used to have extremely long hair down to my waist. I used to wear it out, in braids and one of my family members actually planted the seed, with saying I look like Bob. So, it’s really been in the back of my mind since then.

You started a new network app called Everybody Digital. How is this app different from others?
Everybody Digital is a film mobile app. It awards short films around the world. I’ve found out that in film festivals and circuits, films can win award after award and soon as that circuit is done, the film goes unseen again. There’s no way the film is seen again by a broader audience. The app I’m creating allows short films to be distributed and to be seen on a platform, while creating original content. Nothing on the network will be over twenty minutes. It allows filmmakers to really harvest films they’ve invested thousands of dollars in. They’re no premium outlets out there like this. Everybody Digital comes alive in January 2017.

Who would be your ideal love interest to work with?
Wow, there’s way too many ladies to choose from. All of them.

You can catch “Ringside” on September 4th on TV One.