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News2 » Man convicted of killing his grandson over a steak

Man convicted of killing his grandson over a steak

 Harold Gray (Photo Source: Frayser, TN Police Department)

Harold Gray (Photo credit: Frayser, Tennessee, Police Department)

A Tennessee man who killed his grandson over a steak has been convicted of his crime. On April 25, 2014, Harold Gray, 65, of Frayser, Tennessee, admitted he was drunk when he got into an argument with his grandson, Anthony Morris, 31, over a steak. Gray’s wife Mildred said at the time that her husband was angry when he came home from work and dinner wasn’t ready. “He kept mumbling to himself, ‘You’ll see’ and I asked him what he was talking about and he said ‘You’ll see. You just wait. You’ll see …’ He was opening the chili and my grandson came through the door in the kitchen. I heard my husband tell my grandson, ‘Get out of here …’ When he’s drinking he just like a demon.”

When Gray spotted Morris looking at the steak in the refrigerator, he grabbed a kitchen knife. In the presence of Morris’ 6-year-old son, the drunken grandfather then stabbed his grandson.

Mildred Gray rushed to her grandson who was bleeding profusely. The young boy also came into the room and attempted to help, she said, “His son started throwing up real bad. I told him to move back but he stayed there with his dad.”

Gray was charged with second-degree murder and allegedly told police that he stabbed his grandson because dinner wasn’t ready. During the trial, his defense attorney said he had no intent to kill and had stabbed Morris in the groin area. Gray is scheduled to be sentenced on Nov. 4, 2016.

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