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Wyclef Jean hosts Remy Producers Series in Chicago


Chicago producers with Wyclef  – Mike Jaxx, Ball On Da Beat, and Nobody Else – (Photo credit: Eddy ‘Precise’ Lamarre)

Legendary producer and Grammy Award winner Wyclef Jean and the Remy Martin Producers Series made a stop in Chicago recently. The Remy Producers Series is celebrating its third year and kicked off its Midwest leg of the tour in Milwaukee and Detroit. The Chicago event was held at The Bassment in the River North community of the city.

The goal of this competition is to showcase local producers and give them access to industry leaders who will share some of their skills as they compete for the top spot. Jean was on hand at the Bassment showing his skill. He battled the DJ with live instruments and had a sit down with DJ Moondawg of WGCI to discuss how he crafted a few of his most notable hits. DJ Moondawg asked Jean if there was a song that he initially thought was just OK that turned out to be one of his biggest hits and Jean mentioned “Ready or Not” by The Fugees. Jean also shared some of his valuable knowledge with the producers who were participating on the Chicago leg of the tour.

The producer’s competition featured three of Chicago’s hottest talents: Nobody Else, Mike Jaxx and Ball On Da Beat. The contest was close at the beginning but in the final round between Mike Jaxx and Ball On Da Beat, Ball On Da Beat managed to pull away with a complex arrangement that blew the crowd away. Ball on Da Beat will represent Chicago when the Midwest finale returns on Dec. 17, 2016.

Take a look at a few pictures below.

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