‘Empire’ star Morocco ‘Rocc’ Omari talks about new FOX show, ‘STAR’

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Photo credit: Nakita Nicci for Steed Media Service

Lee Daniels has done it again. FOX hosted a special VIP screening for his upcoming show, “STAR.” This amazing new soap opera musical-drama is filled with good dialogue and a few familiar A-listers, including Queen Latifah, Lenny Kravitz and Tyrese Gibson. 

The red carpet event at the Lavish AMC and Lucky Strike in downtown Chicago was filled with stars from Daniels’ other hit FOX show, “Empire.”  

Rolling out had the opportunity to chat with the handsome half-brother and nemesis to Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard), Tariq, played by Morocco “Rocc” Omari.  

How did you enjoy the upcoming series “STAR”?  
I enjoyed it, the girl group were all incredible. It’s refreshing seeing new talent, it seems Leah and Lee Daniels have a knack for discovering new and incredible talent. I champion that, there’s so much talent out there and it’s good to see them get this opportunity. Of course, Queen Latifah is gonna bring it, she’s a good anchor for the matriarch role. I think the public will enjoy the show.

As a star on “Empire,” I think it’s amazing for colleagues from different shows to come out and support each other as you did tonight with “STAR.” As a Black actor, how important is it for other Black actors to support each other’s projects?
I’m all for supporting good shows with good artists. I’m not gonna necessarily support a show or movie just because it’s Black. I want to see quality, educate me, make me laugh, touch my soul … but don’t insult me or my people and call it art.

You are quickly becoming the good guy villain we love to hate. Any chance we might see a brotherly reunion on “Empire” between you and Lucious?

It seems I am the villain, and that’s funny because I’m just doing my job and investigating a few things. Maybe I’m a bit obsessive but hey, I got a job to do. As far as a reunion …. who knows, it might be a long shot, though.

What’s next for Rocc? Any new projects we should look out for?

As far projects, I’m eyeing a few things. I have a pilot that I wrote that we’re preparing to pitch, a web series I wrote and directed that I’m about to launch, there’s a few movies that have been offered, a play at Lincoln Center that I’m interested in doing. I’m keeping my hands in a few pots. Oh, and I’m teaching and it feeds me to watch these actors master this craft, it reminds me of why I fell in love with the craft.

Relationship status?

Single. [You’re welcome, ladies.]

The best gift you ever received?

Besides life, my heart, my will, my persistence, my humility, and my desire. I’d have to say, my two daughters. Outside of that, a passport.

Catch a sneak peek of the upcoming hit show “STAR” after next week’s fall finale of “Empire” next Wednesday on FOX.

Nakita Nicci
Nakita Nicci

Nakita Nicci is a Television personality, award winning author, lupus survivor, lifestyle expert and writer covering all things business and beauty

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