Women In Radio founder talks about her female empowerment movement

Photo courtesy of Meaghan Taylor

Meaghan “Meag” Taylor is an on-air radio personality and producer. As an alumna of the Florida A&M University, Taylor began her broadcast career at the college’s radio station, WANM 90.5FM. Since then, she’s worked for three radio stations.

She prides herself on being the voice of the new generation while paying homage and respect to those who came before her. She enjoys being active in her community and mentoring and empowering girls to express their true voice.

Taylor recently founded Women In Radio, a community for women in radio who are shaping the culture. She hopes the organization can shed light on all the amazing things women around the world are doing in radio.

How did you arrive at this career choice? Was it a deliberate decision or a gradual and natural evolution?

Well, I started in radio in college at my school FAMU. I did that for a few years, and then graduated. However when I graduated I had no job, and no one to talk to about radio. I was working at [a] wing restaurant when I decided to go home, and take an internship at a local radio station. I had an interview for my internship that lasted four hours, and instead of hiring me as an intern she hired me as her assistant. I stayed there for six months, and then I got an opportunity to work at a radio station in West Palm Beach.

How did the Women In Radio Movement come about?

I’ve had the idea in my head for quite some time and over the summer I finally decided to take a leap of faith. I wanted a place where Women In Radio could vent about our everyday struggles, like a support group. I purchased the trademark, tee shirts, pens, and just went for it. I didn’t realize how much support I would get. Our following includes top radio executives, program directors, and radio superstars.

What separates you from others in your field? What is unique to the experience that you create?

I create an organic experience I talk to everyone like they’re my friend. We like to give out advice and help others who are just starting out in their radio journey. We also like to show support to other women excelling in their radio careers, by posting them on our social media pages. We also have our website www.WomenInRadio.org where we post interviews, post air checks, have our blog, and sell merchandise.

For those considering entering this arena, what skill sets do you recommend mastering? What traits are most conducive to success?

Patience you have to be able to want it, but also know how to wait for it. A lot of people try to rush the process, but in this industry its all about waiting your turn and not giving up.

How do you stay at the leading edge of your craft?

I practice every day on my show “The Night Show With Meag Taylor.” I stay up to date with entertainment news and current music. Im also very active and stay updated with social media.

How do you map out your goals? How do you measure your success?

Each month I write out my goals. Even if they’re the same goals from the previous month I write them out. I think everybody’s idea of success is different. At this point in my life I measure success by being genuinely happy.

Who do you consider to be your peers in your field? Who do you see/use as examples for you to emulate?

I definitely look up to Devi Brown, I like her because she is all about peace and happiness like myself. DJ Nina9 I love her demeanor on air.

What affirmations do you repeat to yourself that contribute to your success?

I always tell myself don’t forget to breathe, because we get so caught up in everyday life that we stop actually living. I also visualize the crystal of gratitude, an anasha. I do this so I can take the time to be grateful for what I have, so I can attract more.

What does it take to be iconic? In your estimation, who has achieved that status?

To be iconic you have to worth remembering, you have to have some “razzle dazzle” that makes you star worthy. As controversial as Wendy Williams maybe she’s actually pretty iconic. She went from radio to daytime television.

What keeps you inspired?

What keeps me inspired is my Women In Radio Brand, I receive emails weekly about how thankful Women are for this brand because it provides them with support and encouragement.

How do you stay connected with fans?

Through social media all my social media handles are MeagTaylorTalks and WomenInRadio, on Instagram.

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