Obama Christmas cards over the years


Thank you Pete Souza for that gorgeous photo of the Obamas on this year’s Christmas Card. It’s the last photo we’ll see of them as our first family posing for their annual holiday card. They actually broke tradition and utilized a photo taken at the at the State Dinner for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in March.

On an Instagram post, the chief official White House photographer writes:

“This family. What can I say. What an honor to have photographed them for eight years. A couple of months ago, the Social Office came to me and said they were thinking of using a family photo for this year’s White House holiday card. So I thought of Justin Trudeau. I know you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about. Earlier this year we hosted the Canadian Prime Minister for a formal State Dinner. Malia and Sasha attended as guests. Before the dinner, I did a family photo in the White House residence. But later, when the Trudeaus arrived, the two families spent some time on the Truman Balcony with their respective delegations. At one point, the Prime Minister asked if we could do a photo of he and his wife with the Obama family. Click, click, click. Then, he said I should do a photo of just the Obama’s. I could have said, ‘sir, we already did one before you arrived.’ But instead, I clicked off a few quick frames. And lo and behold, it was this picture that Justin Trudeau asked me to take which everyone loved as the choice for the 2016 White House holiday card.”

In the photo, Malia and Sasha both wear stunning embroidered gowns by Naeem Khan and Michelle wears a custom floral gown by Jason Wu.

Take a look back at the holiday card from the Obamas over the years.

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