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What do Stacey Dash and Kellyanne Conway have in common?


Donald J. Trump and Stacey Dash (Instagram – @therealstaceyldash)

Former FOX News contributor Stacey Dash, a staunch Donald J. Trump supporter, rightfully predicted his rise to presidency when she posted pro-Trump tweets after the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida’s, Pulse Nightclub. Back on June 12, 2016, she wrote: My heart and prayers are with the LBGT community. This atrocity would not go unanswered under President Trump I promise!! #PrayingForOrlando

She was confident the former reality TV star would be our next commander in chief.

Much like Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president of the United States, who was also appointed his campaign manager in August 2016, making her the first woman to ever run a Republican presidential campaign.

Dash and Conway are virtually twins from another mother, separated at birth. They both celebrated their 50th birthday the same day as the swearing-in of Trump, Friday, Jan. 20, 2017.


This photo is floating around Facebook

Conway like Dash, often makes refutable statements on-air. She coined the phrase “alternative facts” during an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd. She claims Trump had the biggest inauguration turnout in history, even though photos and data prove different.

They are both authors. Conway penned What Women Really Want: How American Women Are Quietly Erasing Political, Racial, Class, and Religious Lines to Change the Way We Live. Dash penned There Goes My Social Life.

Northeasterners, Dash was born in Bronx, New York, and Conway is from Atco, New Jersey.

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