No more ‘bottles and models,’ Tyrese reveals why he settled down

Tyrese Gibson (Faceook)
Tyrese Gibson/Facebook

Tyrese Gibson recently revealed why he settled down.

“It got real out there. I was single for four years,” the singer recently told People of his decision to say goodbye to his life as a bachelor.

“It’s grown man season,” he joked. “How many more clubs are we going to hit? How many more bottles and models? That stuff gets old quick.

“I was looking and praying for the right one and I got lucky,” Gibson added of his wife, Samantha Lee.

As for how the pair, who wed on Valentine’s Day, pulled off the secret ceremony, the R&B crooner said, “We got married at home. We asked everyone to leave their cellphones off.”

“We live in such a day and age where everything is about validation that you can’t even eat food without feeling the need to post something,” he continued. “We were like ‘We actually want to marinate, swim, and fester in the beauty of this commitment we just made — to God for one — and then to each other.’ ”

While the newlywed’s initial ceremony was kept under wraps, the 38-year-old revealed they plan to have a larger, more lavish ceremony in a matter of months. “People have really been in their feelings about being left out.” So, “we’re going to do it again, real big, on the Fourth of July.” That includes “opening up the flood gates” for the guest list, including his Fast and Furious franchise pals, said Tyrese.

Previously reported, on Tuesday, February 14, 2017, Gibson announced that he had found his one and only: “Mark 10:8 And the two will become #OneFlesh | – Mr & Mrs Gibson…….,” he captioned a brief announcement, via Facebook.

In an earlier post, Gibson reflected on the importance of “specific prayers.” For example, praying for your partner …

“Some of you guys may remember this post from a while back,” his post began. “I can’t tell you how crazy my life is right now…… I’ve shared with you guys it’s VERY important when you pray to pray ‘specific’ prayers…… and God will specifically bless you with all that your heart desires.

“Message to my wife of the future….: I just finished designing our private SPA it’s called #TheVSpa in my backyard. Hello my name is Tyrese Gibson….. [I’m] a KING seeking my QUEEN….. Nothing to just smash and dash…. I’m talking a REAL WOMAN….. Not just a pretty face….. A classy, sophisticated women with an angel heart…. Heart soooo committed to the Lord Jesus Christ that I feel the pressure to get even closer to HIM in order to attract her even more.

“I’m talking about a woman soooooo lady like and in tune with her femininity that she doesn’t have an aggressive bone in her body. She lets a King be a KING!!!!!! The music is right and I also made sure you have a throw rug in case you get cold and or you don’t want anyone to walk by and take a sneak peak at my business under that skirt.

“Preparation meets opportunity.

“I’m prepared for YOU. When I meet YOU…… I won’t be single for long I feel it in my soul…. To God be ALL the glory!!!!”

Well, it appears someone heard his call. Congrats again to the lovely couple.

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