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‘Tom Joyner Morning Show’ calls for boycott of TV One over ‘NewsOne Now’ demise


Courtesy of the “Tom Joyner Morning Show”

Based upon their modus operandi, Tom Joyner and his crew have no problem getting their vast national audience to help stage a boisterous and effective boycott against powerful people or entities when there is evidence of injustice or disrespect to the African American community.

But this latest boycott is radically different from any of the others that the “Tom Joyner Morning Show” masterminded and executed over the years. That’s because this latest boycott request is against the mother company that owns TJMS — TV One.

The desire to protest ostensibly stems from TV One’s decision to suddenly cancel Roland Martin’s popular “NewsOne Now” program due to serious budgetary concerns that will lay off a cadre of employees. The final show airs Dec. 21.

In addition, there has also been the sentiment from some political pundits that TV One is trying to push Joyner’s legendary show off the air after more than 25 years of servicing the Black community. He officially announced earlier this fall that he will willingly retire in two years. 

When the subject of “NewsOne Now’s” cancellation was broached on the “Tom Joyner Morning Show,” emotions were ratcheted up several notches and there was talk of protesting the mother company, TV One. 

This is what was said during the conversation surrounding “NewsOne Now’s” demise: 

“I am very depressed about it.

“At the risk of being suspended like Jemele Hill, the only way to really stop this is to boycott TV One. 

“I am very, very, very serious … TV One and NewsOne Now was the only one on television [bringing Black news to the people] and we simulcast. I have been reduced in my affiliates by our parent company and I am retiring in two years. It is bad for our community. It might be great for the budgets of TV One because it all comes down to money. All of television is suffering now, but to heal your money issues by sacrificing your community is not the answer. No one covers us like us but us. 

“When you take us off the air, you are not serving your community. That’s what Radio One, TV One, UrbanOne, one … whatever ones you are talking about, Alfred Liggins and Cathy Hughes, if you have a protest, address it to Alfred Liggins of Radio One, TV One, he’s the chairman of the board and the CEO. That’s the only way.

“Alfred Liggins is the one who controls and runs everything.

Joyner reportedly did not actually suggest the protest, but the show implored listeners to call to voice their opinion via TV One’s phone number.     

What do you think of a protest against TV One? Would you participate?