Is ratchet behavior today’s proof of real love?

Is ratchet behavior today's proof of real love?
Cardi B and Offset (Photo credit: Instagram – @iamcardib)

It’s no secret that most people enjoy a little drama with their love. After all the hero in every love story usually has to overcome a great indiscretion to come back and win over the heart of the person they initially took for granted or didn’t pay attention to. The story is age-old and yet we fall for it every time. We’ve always liked a little conflict with our love, but today that behavior is labeled as ratchet and over the top. That same drama when given a dose of reality television or the exposure of social media, equals cheating spouses, jail terms, nudes and personal sex tapes.

Latina hip-hop artist Cardi B and her boyfriend Offset, who is one-third of the trap rap group Migos were one of the most envied and talked about couples of 2017. In just one year we watched them go the distance with public displays of affection, break up publicly after Offset was caught cheating and Cardi went LIVE on her social media to tearfully acknowledge their love was no more and culminated in Offset proposing to Cardi at a concert with an obscenely expensive diamond ring. Cardi was overjoyed with the proposal and let audiences know that yes she got cheated on and she wasn’t gonna put up with it too many more times, but the huge diamond ring made things official.

BET made an entire series out of the relationship between Gucci Mane and his proposal and wedding to fempreneur and socialite Keyshia Ka’oir. While the wedding was extremely extravagant with blinged out everything, the thing that got social media talking was the fact that Keyshia remained loyal to Gucci during a prison bid. Supposedly, Keyshia took a large amount of money and flipped it for Gucci so that he was even more wealthy coming out of jail than he was going in. Rumor also has it Keyshia remained loyal throughout Gucci’s relationships with several other women as well during his time in prison.

In addition to Cardi and Offset, Gucci and Keyshia there are numerous couples that display ratchet behavior that their audience defines as endearing. From Amber Rose switching up from Kanye to Wiz to 21 Savage, with several names in between each of those, social media still roots for a great love story regardless of the circumstance or situation. We watched Blac Chyna dump her baby daddy Rob Kardashian and post public displays of affection with new love Ferrari and audiences couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. Simply put, we love drama, we love ratchedness, and we love the idea that inside that roller-coaster ride two people could possibly genuinely fall in love. If not love, it’s great entertainment.

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