AMW Group is leading the charge in music, entertainment and marketing

AMW Group is leading the charge in music, entertainment and marketing
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AMW Group is one of the leading marketing and entertainment groups in the nation. Since 1997, AMW Group has provided a range of services and results-driven opportunities for celebrities, musicians, and corporations. AMW Group’s roster of clients includes the NBA, Stanford University, Macy’s, and The Ritz-Carlton. Rolling out spoke with both Mike Coates, who is the vice president of AMW Group; and Keetria Garner-Chambers, who is AMW’s director of operations. They are two important parts of the driving force that is AMW Group.

On its strategy toward branding and events:

Mike Coates: “AMW prides itself on providing effective campaign solutions in public relations and publicity, branding, marketing and event planning. Each campaign is customized to the client’s unique needs.”

On its connections both inside and outside the United States:

Keetria Garner-Chambers: “AMW Group has built a large network of partners and close business relationships with entities all over the world. This includes direct media contacts, legendary talent, and a wide network of experts. We also work with a talented roster of major artists, DJs, and personalities who are available for booking and influencer campaigns.”

On the changes that technological advancements have caused in communications:

MC: “We’ve seen sweeping changes in technology and communications, including the ubiquity of the internet and the rise of social media. We’ve used these changes to the advantage of our clients. Social media is a key component of almost every campaign and AMW consistently strategizes new and inventive ways to help their clients reach new audiences.”

On the future of AMW Group:

KGC: “We’ve had the privilege of working with great individuals, talented artists, prominent brands, and organizations across the globe for over 20 years. We started as a full services artist agency and have toured the world with concert events and live productions. Now, we work with a wide variety of clients, our services include public relations, branding, creative marketing, and several aspects of event planning. We’ve grown over the years and are excited to be a part of an ever-changing industry influenced by culture and technology.”

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