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420 Day: Dab safer, cleaner and easier with a Dipper by Dipstick Vapes

Ocean Blue Limited Series Dipper by Dipstick Vapes (Photo provided by Dipstick Vapes)

A very popular and powerful form of marijuana that many enjoy is called dab. When a person is using dab they are said to be dabbing. The high is powerful and intense and is not for the casual marijuana smoker. Dabbing has been popular on the West Coast since the ’90s and more people are dabbing.

But dab is not something you can easily smoke. Because it is concentrated waxy resin, it requires specialized smoking equipment such as a smoking rig, nectar pin, or in a pinch, the head of a nail heated red hot with a blow torch. For the casual smoker who is not accustomed to the powerful dab, it can be dangerous if something is dropped. Now many companies seeing the problem are producing vape pens specifically for dabbing, that is safer, cleaner and easy to use.

One such product is the “Dipper” by Dipstick Vapes, which retails for about $150 online. The Dipper comes in a kit that includes, vapor tips and a quartz atomizer. The device is charged via a USB port and can vary temperatures with three heat settings.

For marijuana lovers, not having to use a dab rig and blow torch is a welcome relief and safer. Dipstick Vapes is currently offering the Dipper in a special model called Ocean Blue. Ocean Blue is only available in a limited release, and 5 percent of sales will go to a world-leading marine conservation organization.