New cast mate Kyndall is bringing the heat on season 4 of BET’s ‘Hit the Floor’

New cast mate Kyndall is bringing the heat on season 4 of BET’s ‘Hit the Floor’
Still of Terrence J and Kyndall as Jamie Lawson from BET’s “Hit the Floor” (Photo credit: BET)

The new cast mates of BET’s “Hit The Floor” have intensified the drama on season four. One in particular is Kyndall Ferguson, daughter of R&B legend El Debarge, who plays Jamie. Ferguson’s character has shown us this season the art of hustle, revenge and the power struggle between her fellow “devil” London (Teyana Taylor).

Rolling out had the opportunity to chat with Ferguson recently. She shared some things about her character and what viewers can expect from her leading up to the season finale.

“Hit the Floor” has a loyal fan base. How has the Devil Nation welcomed your character and the rest of the new cast?

The Devil Nation is a huge cult following. The fans have a love-hate relationship [with] Jamie due to the mess she’s causing. Overall, they welcomed everyone with open arms during the season. The fans are passionate about the new cast.

So far, we’ve seen your character flirt with Pax, Derrick and (from the sneak peek of the next episode) London’s ex, the pastor. Who do you think Jamie will end up with?  

While Jamie is leading on these men, she’s trying to gain respect. Nobody really cared when she was sleeping in her car outside the arena and her childhood in Chicago. Nobody cared about her personal story. Now that she’s playing the devil arena, everyone is interested. I wouldn’t be surprised if she goes with the pastor. She doesn’t stop at anything.

With Jamie’s character being in love with power, will her next goal be to strive for captain of the Devil girls?

As you stated Jamie is in love with power. Jamie wants to be the queen of her space. When it comes to guys, she likes Derrick. With him being captain of Devils basketball team, she likes the power that he has in the arena. She has this Jay Z and Beyoncé fantasy. Even though Kyle character is holding it down as captain, Jamie is making strides to get there.

What can we expect to happen to Jamie during the season finale?

Fans are going want to put a stop to her during the season finale. They’ll say,” WTF! We didn’t suspect that.”

Being the new cast member, how would you describe your relationship with your cast mates outside of the show?

Everyone has welcomed me with open arms. They took the anxiety out. This is the most genuine cast. We have a group chat where we invite each other to hang out with one another.

Do you think there’s hope for London and Jamie to work through their differences and become friends?

London and Jamie have an extreme power struggle, but we couldn’t put it past them. It’s possible. Maybe next season they’ll try to mend a friendship.

What are some life lessons fans should take from your character?

They should take Jamie’s drive. She isn’t scared of hard work. She shows that consistency is key. While she’s being super messy boots with her conniving nature, fans can learn from her art of power.

A new episode of “Hit The Floor” airs tonight at 10 p.m. (EST) 9 p.m. (CST) on BET. Here’s a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below:

What is Jamie up to now?

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