The proof that police attempted to criminalize Botham Shem Jean

Botham Shem Jean. Photo: Facebook/Botham Shem Jean and Amber Guyger/Dallas Sheriff’s Office)

Since the shooting of Botham Shem Jean in his home by an allegedly confused Dallas police officer named Amber Guyger there have been numerous questions. As reported exclusively by rolling out, Jean family lawyer Lee Merritt has stated that Guyger’s tale of the shooting based on physical evidence and conflicting stories is demonstrably false. The news media and the Texas Rangers are actually spreading the narrative that not only was the shooting just a tragic accident with no malice but also that Jean was in some way responsible because he failed to heed her verbal commands.

Now new information has come to light that the Dallas Police Department seems ready to cover this incident up as a justifiable shooting.  After the shooting, a search warrant was issued to search Jean’s home for narcotics. According to KXAS-TV,  292nd District Court Judge Brandon Birmingham signed a search warrant at the request of the Dallas Police Department  to look for “any contraband, such as narcotics,” that could “constitute[e] evidence of a criminal offense.”

However, no such warrant was issued to search the apartment of Guyger, who lived in the apartment directly below Jean. Jean had no criminal record and was an outstanding, unblemished citizen.

All of America should be watching as police try to clean up a mess by one of their own under the leadership of  Police Chief U. Renee Hall, a Black woman. It must be asked will there be justice and will the Black life of Botham Shem Jean matter?

To further cement the narrative of officer Guyger and to victimize Jean one only has to look at the wording of the search warrant that was issued. The warrant states in plain language that the apartment of Botham Shem Jean was being treated as a place of suspected criminal activity. The warrant reads as follows:

AFFIDAVIT FOR EVIDENTIARY SEARCH WARRANT STATE OF TEXAS COUNTY OF Dallas 1. There is in Dallas County, Texas, a suspected place and premises described and located as follows: Residential apartment located. at 1210 South Lamar Street, apartment number 1478, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas 75215. This residence is located inside an apartment complex named  Southside Flats. The apartment is on the fourth floor, with the front doorway situated in an interior hallway. Apartment door number 1478 is illuminated in. metal with several  additional lights in a vertical line to the left if facing the front door. The front door and door frame are olive in color.  There is at said suspected place and premises the following item(s) constituting evidence of a criminal offense: Fired Cartridge Casings, fired projectiles, firearms, ballistic vest, keys, trace evidence such as .blood, video surveillance system any’ contraband, such as narcotics, and other items that may have been used in criminal offenses are located in the above-described residence.

 Said suspected place and premises oversee and controlled by the following person: Botham Shem Jean. It is the belief of Affiant, and she hereby charges and accuses that: Within the residence located at 1210 South Lamar Street, apartment number 1478 in Dallas, Dallas County, Texas 75215 are fired cartridge casings, fired projectiles, firearms, ballistic vest, keys, trace evidence such as blood, video surveillance system, any contraband, such as narcotics, and other items that may have been used in criminal offense are located in the above-described residence.

These items may be of evidentiary value in the Officer Involved Shooting that occurred on September 6, 2018, at about 10:00 pm at 1210 South Lamar Street, apartment 1478, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas. This incident is being documented on [miles Police Department case number 198543 2018}. During this incident, an off-duty Dallas Police Officer, who was wearing a full Dallas Police uniform, was attempting to enter apartment number 1478, with a set of keys. An unknown male, inside the apartment, confronted the officer at the door. A neighbor stated he heard an exchange of words, immediately followed by at least two gunshots. The officer possibly believed the subject was an intruder, drew her service weapon and fired at the subject, striking him in the chest. The subject, who is identified as Botham Shem Jean, was transported to Baylor Hospital where he was pronounced deceased.

Detective Angela Arredondo contacted Botham Jean?s sister, Allisa Findley, and she confirmed that Subject Jean is the sole occupant of the apartment residence located at 1210 South Lamar Street, apartment number 1478. An Accurint Report for Law Enforcement lists Subject Jean?s home address as 1210 South Lamar Street, apartment number 1478 Affidavit for Evidentiary Search Warrant Page 1

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