Amber Guyger’s 2nd appeal denied in the murder of Botham Jean

Former police officer Amber Guyger had her dreams shattered once again when she was told on Nov. 18 that she wouldn’t be going home early in her latest appeal process to commute her ten-year sentence. Guyger was convicted of killing Botham Jean in 2018 as he sat in his living room eating ice cream. The […]

Ex-cop Amber Guyger’s murder conviction upheld

Former police officer Amber Guyger’s hopes of going home early from her ten-year bid for killing Botham Jean in 2018 as he sat in his living room eating ice cream have been crushed. The former police officer killed Jean and claimed she thought she was entering her own apartment when she allegedly mistook Jean for […]

Texas House of Representatives passes historic bill in the name of Botham Jean

The Texas House of Representatives passed a bill on Friday, May 14, called the “Botham Jean Act,” that will require an officers’ body-worn camera to be activated for the entirety of an investigation that involves them. The bill is named after Botham Jean, who was shot and killed in 2018 as he sat in his […]

Botham Jean’s mother featured in documentary about his murder by Dallas cop

Allison Jean’s life was shattered when her son Botham Jean was murdered in his own apartment by a Dallas cop named Amber Guyger in 2018. And even though her overachieving son is no longer alive, Allison Jean is here to ensure that his memory and his legacy remain alive in our hearts. That’s why Allison […]

Ex-cop Amber Guyger appealing murder conviction for killing Botham Jean

Convicted murderer and former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger is now claiming that she was justified in the shooting death of Botham Jean in his own apartment and is appealing her conviction. Guyger’s attorneys have filed legal documents for a new trial or want to have her murder conviction vacated and to “replace it with […]

City of Dallas not at fault in death of Botham Jean, judge says

The family of Botham Jean received bad news after a judge dismissed their case. The Jean family sued the city of Dallas and Amber Guyger over the death of Botham Jean. Guyger, who was a police officer for the Dallas Police Department, shot and killed Jean while he was in his apartment. On Wednesday, Oct. […]

Botham Jean’s brother honored by police group for forgiving Amber Guyger

Brandt Jean, the younger brother of Botham Jean who was murdered in his Dallas apartment by former Dallas cop Amber Guyger, was honored for forgiving and hugging his brother’s killer in the courtroom. On Tuesday, Brandt Jean, 18, was bestowed the Ethical Courage Award from the The Institute for Law Enforcement Administration in Plano, Texas, […]

Father of Atatiana Jefferson, who was shot by police in her home, is dead

The father of Atatiana Jefferson, who was devastated when his daughter was shot dead by police in her own home in Fort Worth, Texas, has died just weeks after his daughter was killed. He was 59. Marquis Jefferson reportedly succumbed to cardiac arrest in his home on Nov. 9, 2019. He was rushed to a […]

Benjamin Crump discusses the ‘legalized genocide of colored people’

Renowned civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump joined 100 Black Men of America Inc. for a riveting discussion on issues plaguing the Black community. Held at Greater Grace Temple in Detroit on Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2019, “The Barbershop Tour: Taking a Cut Out of Life” focused on creating solutions instead of redundant rhetoric. The traveling panel […]

Botham Jean Foundation gives to Atatiana Jefferson’s family

Not only are the families of Botham Jean and Atatiana Jefferson connected by proximity because of a short drive down Interstate 30 between Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, but they are also conjoined by the avoidable, senseless killings of their loved ones by White police officers. The Jean family, based in Dallas, reached across the […]

Botham Jean’s lawyer blasts Nicki Minaj and praises Cardi B

Botham Jean’s brother created strong emotional responses when he hugged his brother’s murderer, former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger, during the sentencing phase of the trial. One of the people who slammed Brandt Jean for asking to embrace the woman who took his sibling’s life was rapper Nicki Minaj. But her thoughts incited a verbal […]

Suspects arrested in shooting death of key witness against Amber Guyger

The Dallas Police Department announced the arrest of two suspects in the shocking shooting death of Joshua Brown, the key witness in the Amber Guyger murder trial, while a third man remains on the run. Brown was fatally shot just two days after Guyger was convicted of murdering her neighbor Botham Jean in his own […]

Black judge reveals why she hugged murderer Amber Guyger (video)

It was a hug not only seen around the world, but it also made a deafening noise to a multitude of the murdered man’s supporters and outraged legal experts. When Texas State Judicial Judge Tammy Kemp embraced convicted murderer and admitted racist Amber Guyger, she sparked an inferno of emotions among many observers who believe […]

Iyanla Vanzant supports Black judge who hugged Amber Guyger

Photo Credit: Porsha Monique for Steed Media

Iyanla Vanzant is famous for straightening out many people’s lives on the popular Oprah Winfrey Network television show “Fix My Life.” But fans want her to fix her own statements after she backed the judge who hugged convicted murderer and former cop Amber Guyger. Vanzant takes issue with the legion of Blacks who blistered Judge […]

Judge Tammy Kemp may have violated Constitution by giving Amber Guyger a Bible

Judge Tammy Kemp continues to face backlash for her actions following the Amber Guyger murder case. Kemp may have violated the U.S. Constitution by giving Guyger a Bible. After sentencing Guyger to 10 years in prison for the brutal murder of Botham Jean, Kemp hugged Guyger and presented her with a Bible. The Freedom of […]

Legal experts and Twitter blast Black judge for hugging Amber Guyger (video)

An angry rumbling within the Black community began soon after former Dallas, Texas, police officer and convicted murderer Amber Guyger was sentenced on Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2019, to 10 years in prison for killing her neighbor Botham Jean. The collective rage was directed at the principle Black people involved in the Guyger trial, which can […]

Botham Jean’s brother forgives murderer Amber Guyger as Twitter reacts (video)

Despite the fact that scores of Blacks wanted Amber Guyger to rot and die in prison for murdering Botham Jean, the victim’s brother made the remarkable gesture to forgive and hug his brother’s killer. Brandt Jean, 18, fought back tears as he elocuted his uncategorical forgiveness and love for Guyger who was convicted of entering […]

Why Amber Guyger’s 10-year sentence is another crime against Black America

DALLAS, TEXAS — Screams could be heard in the hallway of the Frank Crowley Courts Building moments after Amber Guyger was given a 10-year sentence for the brutal killing of Botham Jean. The chants of “no justice, no peace” served as an expression of pain for some, while tears revealed the heartache for others. Again, […]