Tyra Banks reveals details about dating and motherhood

Tyra Banks reveals details about dating and motherhood
Tyra Banks and her son Source: Instagram – @tyrabanks

Tyra Banks secretly dated a “very famous” singer.

The 44-year-old model made contact with the mystery musician via her private messages on Twitter and they went to great lengths to keep their relationship from being detected.

Speaking to Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live,” she confessed, “I love DMs. I dated a very famous recording artist because he hit me up in the DMs.

“But, I would go into the restaurant first and then he would go in after, or we would go into restaurants that nobody knows. And to this day, you guys don’t know that I dated this guy. And he was a DM slider.”

The Life-Size 2 actress declined to reveal who her mystery man was, but she confirmed he wasn’t “Hotline Bling” hitmaker Drake.

And Banks also admitted she reassures herself men are “intimidated” by her if they turn her down – but her friends disagree.

Asked if she’s ever been turned down by a guy, she said: “Yeah. And then you go, ‘Oh, he’s intimidated.’ I had one of my friends go, ‘Girl, there’s not that much intimidation in the world, he’s just not that into your a–.’ I was like, ‘You know what, you are right.’ “

Meanwhile, the “America’s Got Talent” host recently revealed her 2-year-old son York — who was born via a surrogate — is keen to be a big brother.

She told ET Online: “God, my mom wants more grandbabies.

“My son is rolling and running around and she’s like, ‘You see? He needs a friend. He’s saying that these stuffed animals are his babies and he’s calling himself a big brother.’

“He calls himself a big brother. I’m like there’s nobody underneath you — what does that mean ‘big brother?’ “

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