Florida man dies of genital rot in nursing home from lack of care

Florida man dies of genital rot in nursing home from lack of care
York Spratling (Image source: Facebook – Derwin Spratling)

A family is preparing a lawsuit and the state is investigating after a case of gross negligence led to the death of an Army vet at a nursing home in Jacksonville, Florida.

York Spratling, 84, was admitted to Consulate Health Care in December 2016 and three months later he was dead after his genitals rotted away after not being washed by caregivers.

Family members told Naples Daily News, that they knew there were issues over Spratling’s care when they visited him over numerous occasions. These concerns were raised to the staff of the nursing home, but still, nothing was done. His nephew, Derwin Spratling, said that it was obvious that something was wrong with his uncle because in the last few weeks of his life he could barely walk. Even the nurses on staff knew something was wrong because according to state investigators, upon entering his room they could smell decaying flesh. But the nurses did not report his condition or the infection to doctors.

On the last visit, after seeing the elder Spratling suffering, a staff doctor informed his family that he would have to undergo emergency surgery because his penis had developed gangrene and the dead flesh needed to be cut away. Spratling died a short time after surgery and his death sparked an investigation by state officials.

In the past year, Consulate Health Care has been cited three times for not having enough nurses to properly care for residents, including bathing them. In the death review report from the Florida Department of Children and Families, it was stated that Spratling’s death was due to inadequate supervision and medical neglect. Despite these findings, Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration, which is in charge of regulation of the state’s nursing homes, took no action against the facility.

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