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Ashanti shares the secret to her snatched shape

Ashanti shares the secret to her snatched shape
Ashanti (Photo source: Instagram-@ashanti)

One thing that hasn’t changed is Ashanti’s great figure. The 38-year-old R&B singer broke down the go-tos that help her stay lean and fit.

For one, she relies on regular colonic irrigation treatments and believes the hydrotherapy sessions — which involve having your bowel flushed of the waste food material in the body with water — to help her keep a flat stomach and a trim figure.

Ashanti also follows a pescatarian diet, avoids fried foods and has fast days.

Speaking to the New York Post‘s Page Six Style section, she said: “It’s good to fast. Also, this may be TMI, but colonics are great, too.”

Ashanti is committed to the gym and exercises with a personal trainer wherever in the country she may be. She also insists she’d rather make sacrifices when it comes to eating and exercise than have to limit her wardrobe and not feel good in her clothes.

She explained: “As women, we already have to wear uncomfortable shoes, so our feet are always hurting. So if you can find an outfit that looks amazing, fits amazing and it’s comfortable, you’re winning.”

Ashanti is broadening her horizons outside of the music business and is launching a 21-piece fashion line with New York-based brand Miss Circle.

Speaking about the collection, she said: “My motto has always been to stay classy and sassy and sexy, not trashy. I think that I always try to inspire women to be bosses and demand respect. You can still be sexy and swaggy and be the boss.”

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