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Tisha Campbell drops restraining order after claiming Duane Martin punched her

Photo Credit: Tisha Campbell-Martin’s Instagram (@tishacampbellmartin)

Duane Martin caught flack after his estranged wife Tisha Campbell claimed that he physically abused her. In January, Campbell claimed that Martin was often abusive during their marriage.

According to reports by TMZ, Campbell said Martin punched her in the chest with a closed fist. She also told a judge that Martin grabbed her arm and tried to force her into a bedroom in December 2018.

Following the accusations, a judge issued a restraining order against Martin who was forced to stay 100 yards away from Campbell.

Martin’s lawyer, Michael Goldstein, responded by claiming that the accusations were false by saying, “Duane has attempted to remain silent on this issue out of respect for his family and, most importantly, his children’s well-being.”

On Feb. 14, Campbell told a judge that she wanted to drop the restraining order for the sake of their kids.

Along with claims of violence, Campbell and Martin’s divorce has also included claims of bad parenting and financial issues.

Bankruptcy documents revealed that the Martins were living above their means. Together, they earned over $7,600 per month, but they were spending nearly $17,000 per month.

Their Hollywood love story is ending in a bitter divorce that could take months to resolve.