Attorney and writer Tiffany M. Simmons shares advice for law students

Attorney and writer Tiffany M. Simmons shares advice for law students
Tiffany Michelle Simmons (Photo credit: Leo Marshall)

Tiffany M. Simmons is an attorney and managing partner at Simmons Law, an Atlanta-based law firm that focuses on criminal defense, business law and civil litigation, and entertainment. In her work, Simmons represents high-profile clients, businesses and everyday citizens, and she is dedicated to being a relentless advocate for her community.

She is also an author of four books. She wrote her most recent tome, The Plugs Lawyer, to inspire the next generation of “lady lawyers.” Aside from writing page-turning novels, she is an actor with aspirations of having a long-lasting television judge show.

Simmons shared her advice for law students and young lawyers.

What attracted you to the legal profession?

A childhood incident in which I felt that no one spoke up for me and felt like I was on trial attracted me to the power of the legal profession. Additionally, my childhood passions of being an entertainer led me to want to be well-versed in the business side of entertainment, specifically entertainment law.

What is your philosophy on the justice system?

I am blessed that God uses me to help those in need of legal help. The justice “system” is really a business. I do the best that I can do in this “business” for my clients.  The legal system, in theory, is not what it really is in practice.  Sometimes the lack of “justice” can be disheartening, but I trust my life’s path.

What qualities make for an effective lawyer?

An effective lawyer is resilient, disciplined and courageous. An effective lawyer is a great listener, communicator, a visionary.  Oftentimes, we are charged to “make something out of nothing” for our clients, for our firms and for our communities. But we get it done. An effective lawyer is selfless; our dedication to the profession and our clients sometimes override our dedication to ourselves. But an effective lawyer learns to find the balance in their profession and personal life so that we can continue to help others.

What advice would you offer a law student just beginning his or her career?

“The Young Lawyers Club” is an initiative that I started for law students and young lawyers to support them in their legal careers.  A few years ago I penned That’s Law, a short read filled with advice for the “millennial lawyer” based on what I’ve learned over the years in law. One major piece of advice that I offer law students is, “If you want it, go get it, and never give up. You are already a lawyer. You just have to go through the process.”

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