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The 16th annual Silver Room Block Party beat the heat

The 16th annual Silver Room Block Party on July 20, 2019, promised to be a scorcher one way or another. Chicago has recently been under a heatwave like the rest of the nation and many planned to stay cool in air conditioning instead of bracing for a fun time in the sun. As Mother Nature would have it, the rain came and cooled everything off.

The beautiful people of Chicago congregate near The Silver Room at this time of the year for a celebration of life and love. We asked Mario “The Mayor of Hyde Park” Smith what the Silver Room Block Party means to him, Chicago and why it’s so unique. “The Silver Room Block Party means everything. This is our opportunity to show how dope we are. It’s an opportunity to show[case] artists they may have never heard of and it’s a great opportunity for all of us to be in one space peacefully, chillin’ and exceeding our right to be right where we are. I think it’s unique because it has all of the elements of a festival but it really is a block party. We are honored and humbled that people come and kick it with us,” he said.

The day consisted of roller skating, jumping rope, singing and dancing. The Silver Room Block Party at its core is a celebration of people fueled by love. Sixteen years after it’s humble beginnings in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago, the Block Party is going strong. It’s found its proper home on the South Side. Each year, the crowd gets more diverse. Everyone is accepted for who they are. The Silver Room Block Party is Chicago at is best. It is an example of what Chicago can truly be. Now, let’s see if the rest of the city can follow suit.

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