Lil Duval slammed for saying he doesn’t like women with ‘big, bushy’ hair

Lil Duval slammed for saying he doesn't like women with 'big, bushy' hair
Lil Duvall. (Photo Credit Robin Lori for Steed Media)

Comedian Lil Duval knew that when he typed that he greatly disliked women with “big, curly, bushy hair” — and then pressed send — that he made a mistake.

His premonition proved deadly accurate as a score of women came at him with venomous bites.

“I hate the big curly bushy hair look,” Duval, 42, posted on July 24. “I’m not saying stop wearing it ladies I personally just don’t like it. I like every other style tho especially the straight hair look. But that big Afro lion s— no can do.”

Almost reflexively, Black women took off their earrings and applied vaseline before pummeling the diminutive comedian who was born Roland Powell. He later admitted he metaphorically belched out “big curly bushy hair” and then covered his mouth as if to say “excuse me.”

The blowback was vicious as it was hilarious as women systematically dissected Duval over his looks, height, age and marital status.

One Twitter responder said: “I don’t like your face, I’m not saying stop wearing it. I personally just don’t like it. Ya ho.”

“You don’t meet the height requirement for this type of opinion,” another person said.

And another: “Just say you hate the way black women’s hair naturally grows out they head & GO! Bye!”

“Who keeps asking you what you like? Lol. Your unsolicited opinions are beginning to be really annoying.”

“I personally just blocked you,” came one tweet as she picked out her curly Afro.

“Lol but what if that’s how my hair is after I wash it.”

Duvall later came back and tried to mop up after his own mess.

“To all the black women, I’m [talking about] everybody. I hate seeing a bushy head white women too ([I] had to say that cuz I know how y’all get even tho y’all still gon be mad).”

But the beatdown continued, and even the men took shots at Duval:

“You trippin trippin. Any natural I’m down for it,” said one Black man.

“That’s one of the sexiest looks you buggin,” said another male.

After hours of nonstop beating, Duval claimed he regretted posting the polarizing comments. “S— i knew when I pressed send this was gonna happen,” he wrote on Twitter, but to no avail.

“No one really cares what your preferences are especially if [we] aren’t dating, married, or a mother to you,” one woman wrote.

“And we don’t like short men that’s 4ft tall,” another fired off.

One person wondered if he was so worried about the blowback, “why press send in the first place?” One person asked, to which another user answered, “Because he’s pushing 50 and bored.”

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