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Before you get back with your ex, read this

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By Monica Bey

Cuddle season is coming. The weather is cooling down, and the nights may feel a little lonelier if you’ve recently broken up with a partner. Before you decide to jump back into a
relationship with your ex, however, there are several questions you should ask yourself
(and your former partner) before making such a big decision.

Relationships end for all kinds of reasons: from money problems to long-distance challenges to cheating; and more serious concerns such as domestic violence. Getting clarity on if should you go back can be tricky to figure out — sometimes it might be worth a second try and other times you need to run, not walk away, and never look back.

Before you make a decision, it is important to analyze why the two of you broke up in
the first place. For example, was it because of a difference in core desires, such as one
of you wanting children and the other person not? If so, it is not likely your relationship
will survive a revival because these differences are too big to overcome if they are deal-breakers for the both of you.

Even if you try again and one of you compromises, there is a huge chance resentment will build over time and cause problems down the line. It is better to be grateful that you got to experience each other, but move on. This can go for any issue that is highly important to your core beliefs or desires. Clinging to an unlikely ideal only prolongs the inevitable. It’ll likely damage you more in the long run. Let go and make room for the right person to enter your life. Click here to continue.

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