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Fans enraged Malik Yoba invoked Eddie Murphy’s past with transsexual (video)

Malik Yoba on “The Breakfast Club (Image source: YouTube/The Breakfast Club)

Former “Empire” actor Malik Yoba is getting trounced anew after he dug up the alleged sordid transsexual past of legendary comedian Eddie Murphy, as well as singer Teddy Pendergrass and former Hot 97 host Mister Cee.

Yoba, who rocketed to fame via the “New York Undercover” TV drama in the 1990s, caused a sensation when he admitted he was “trans attracted,” which was confirmed by the mother of his children.

Yoba also got grief when a teen transsexual prostitute alleged that he paid her for underage sex, leading to strained relations with his Black Greek fraternity, Phi Beta Sigma.

During an interview with The Breakfast Club, Malik addressed his “trans-attraction,” and used other celebrities as part of his defense. When he mentioned the likes of Murphy, Pendergrass, and Mister Cee, folks were not pleased.

“Is this considered coming out?” host Charlamagne tha God asked Yoba on “The Breakfast Club.” Click here to continue.

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