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Creating a kindness revolution

Do something nice for someone for nothing in return. This doesn’t have to cost you money or even much time. When you see someone who needs something that you can easily provide, just do it. Whether that’s a shoulder to cry on, constructive advice or otherwise showing you care, a little kindness goes a long way. This is especially true when it is done to a stranger because it reminds them that they matter in the world. A basic human need is to feel significant.

Lead by example. If you have people looking up to you, make sure you are leading by example to show them that kindness is the default, not the exception. As people follow your lead, you are contributing to a better, safer world.

Make decisions from a place of love. When we make decisions from a negative emotional state, that’s exactly what we are fostering in the world. Instead, make your decisions from a place of love. Let those negative emotions subside and work to get yourself in a place of understanding, seeing all sides of a situation before you make decisions. This ensures the actions and reactions you put out there are with positive energy and not negativity.

Why do we want a kinder world? Because we all have to live in it and almost every problem we have in the world is due to a lack of kindness and care from one or more sides. To live in a better world, we must create it.

–monica bey

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