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Creating a kindness revolution

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Most people know that there is a fine line between laughing with someone, laughing at someone and purposely making fun of another person at their expense.

For as long as I can remember, telling offensive jokes has been considered good entertainment. Comedians make fun of ethnicities, different religions, and people of different sexual orientations. That was totally normal up until recently, but it is still ingrained in our culture and is a perfect example of why we see recurring patterns of despair in the world.

These days, you can never know how far someone will go when they’ve had enough of being picked on. We need to be more careful. More empathetic. More compassionate. We must find ways to entertain ourselves that don’t trample on the feelings and sense of worth of others.

Being mean-spirited for laughs permeates our daily lives and interactions with one another. When we relate being mean to others as entertainment, it fosters negative subconscious energy within ourselves. That isn’t good for anyone.

We’ve unfortunately created a culture of selfishness that doesn’t promote kindness and care toward each other. I’m not saying that people are always nasty to each other (although it can feel like it in the comments section of most online posts), but if people were more kind, the world would be a better place.

It’s time to start fostering a culture of kindness instead of indifference. That is good for everyone.

Here are three ways to contribute to creating a world of kindness:

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