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Cynthia Bailey was secretly recorded roasting NeNe Leakes

“She knows that you’ve been dogging her out, because apparently somebody that y’all have as a mutual friend recorded you in a conversation dogging her out,” Burruss told Bailey.

“I don’t care what she has,” said Bailey, 52, fired back. “I’m quite sure that I have talked about NeNe in defense of all the things that she’s said about me. And if somebody felt the need to record it, then so what.”

“I don’t give a d— about the receipts. I don’t care what she has recording, I don’t care what she got to say about me,” Bailey continued. “The bottom line is, as long as I was kissing her a– and her friend, I was Michelle Obama. The minute that I wasn’t, I’m over here dirt on the floor. So she can keep her recordings and stick it them up her a–. And I mean all the way up her a–.”

Bailey had one more thought before dismissing the topic altogether.

“Honestly, I can’t believe NeNe’s entertaining this,” Bailey said. “It’s so low and dirty and low down to think that somebody would sit and record me.”

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