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The NFL on Colin Kaepernick’s chances: ‘We have moved on’

Colin Kaepernick speaks to media after working out for NFL teams at Drew High School in Riverdale, Georgia, on Saturday, Nov. 16, 2019. (Photo by Terry  Shropshire for Steed Media Service)

Did exiled quarterback Colin Kaepernick burn the last of the bridges to return to the NFL? That’s what NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell seems to think.

Goodell said the league has “moved on” from Kaepernick after the official NFL workout in Atlanta turned into a debacle in November, Yahoo Sports and CNN have reported.

As rolling out previously reported, Kaepernick changed venues for the NFL workout last month after his management team accused the league of acting in bad faith. They also said the league attempted to get Kaep to sign a waiver that would be detrimental to the former San Francisco quarterback.

Goodell disagreed when he talked to reporters in Irving, Texas.

“This was … about creating an opportunity … and we created that opportunity. It was a unique opportunity – an incredible opportunity and he chose not to take it. I understand that. And we’ve moved on here,” Goodell said at the National Football League owners’ meetings in suburban Dallas.

While most believe the opportunity was indeed “unique,” not everyone believes it was “credible.”

Kaepernick’s representatives said he wanted the session to be open to the media, but the NFL refused. Therefore, they changed the location to a high school field an hour away from the proposed original site.

ESPN has reported that not even one of the 32 teams has contacted Kaepernick about coming in for a tryout as they did with one of the receivers who worked out with Kaep. That receiver, Jordan Veasy, is now employed with the Washington Redskins.