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Andrea Harrison’s career is blooming with Couture Creations Paper Flowers

Andrea Harrison's career is blooming with Couture Creations Paper Flowers
Andrea Harrison (Photo by Jerome Osborne)

Andrea Harrison is a creative entrepreneur who made a major life change after being laid off from a 15-year corporate career in 2009.

The Stonecrest, Georgia, resident found her passion for creating paper flowers in 2017 and launched Couture Creations Paper Flowers shortly thereafter.

Couture Creations Paper Flowers creates one of a kind paper flowers as gifts and decor for special events and corporate functions.

Harrison has done projects for Atlanta’s Phipps Plaza and Lenox Square malls, South Park Mall in North Carolina, the Porsche headquarters in Atlanta, and Kulture City Gala in Birmingham, Alabama.

We spoke with the paper florist about her unique business.

How did you determine your career path?

My introduction to creating paper flowers was by accident. A couple of years ago, I wanted a photo back-drop for my birthday party and stumbled upon several paper flower walls that I just loved on Pinterest. I found my glue gun, bought some paper, a flower template, and started tracing and cutting away.  The wall went up, it was a hit and a new business was born.

What inspires you to create something special every day?

I often receive photos of flower bouquets or walls that a client would like created that I use as inspiration. It is extremely satisfying using that photo as a guide and transforming little strips of paper into beautiful finished paper flower art. I love seeing how the completed piece looks and how close it is to the inspiration photo. I also get a kick out of the disbelief that people have when they realize that the flowers are actually made from paper.

What industries connect to your business interests?

Everyone loves flowers. Whether it’s for an event, home decor, or a gift for a special occasion. My flowers can be used in any industry or event that utilizes real flowers. They can be reused multiple times, don’t need watering and enable clients who are sensitive or have allergies to enjoy the beauty and colors of nature without the negative side effects — making it the perfect choice for decorating.

What’s your favorite vacation spot?

Hawaii. I’ve been several times and actually won a trip from Ellen DeGeneres for my entire family a few years ago. I love the weather, the people, the history, the vibe. I love all of it.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

Kindness. It doesn’t cost anything to be kind, but we are all so caught up with posting on social media, looking at our phones, and rushing around that we have lost the ability to connect with one another and to just be kind.

The beauty of kindness is that it doesn’t have to be expensive, big or extravagant — sometimes the simpler, the better. If we all exhibited small acts of kindness, the world would be a much better place to live.

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