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Psychologist Umar Johnson says Kobe Bryant was assassinated by NBA, big pharma

Photo: A.R. Shaw for Steed Media

Umar Johnson, Ph.D., is catching flack for claims he’s making about what led to the untimely passing of Kobe Bryant. Johnson, an educator and psychologist, said he believes that Bryant, his daughter Gianna Bryant, and seven others did not die by coincidence.

In a post from his social media page, Johnson claims that Bryant’s death was caused by the NBA and Big Pharma.

“That was an expert pilot. Kobe was sabotaged,” an emotional Johnson said during a live broadcast. “Not to mention Kobe Bryant was engaged in a legal battle with a big pharmaceutical company over the use of the name ‘Black Mamba.’”

Johnson also was adamant in his belief that the fog was not the reason for the helicopter crash.

“You understand me? Radar can see through the fog,” he said. “Radar can see through the fog. They didn’t crash because of no fog, and it wasn’t no wind. The propeller was sabotaged.”

Photo: screenshot via @DrUmarJohnson Instagram

Johnson never mentioned the pharmaceutical company by name and only said the company was “very powerful” and sold pills at gas stations nationwide.

During his commentary on social media, Johnson also claimed that the NBA played a role in Bryant’s death as well. Johnson said Bryant was on the verge of starting a basketball league in China that would eventually rival the NBA, and he believes that the NBA sabotaged Bryant to prevent him from being in direct competition.

At the time of his passing, there were not any national reports of Bryant starting a professional league in China.

View the video of Johnson’s claims below.


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