Brand strategist Nick Nelson uses his know-how to help clients soar

Describe innovative methods you apply to your business and life.

I am a creative and leverage big ideas combined with practical strategies and solid execution to help my clients get noticed. I teach people to feel confident by helping them to understand themselves better. I also give them permission not to be so humble and to promote the excellent work they’re doing. I also leverage technology as a vehicle, more specifically, social media, to help my clients brand at scale.

Describe how you set goals and evaluate your success.

Goal setting, for me, is a daily activity. I have bigger goals that I seek to achieve throughout the year, but I do break those down.

What’s your favorite vacation spot?

Newport Beach, California. I love Orange County and appreciate the quiet, the water, and the simpleness of the area. When I am there, I feel like I’m on vacation.

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