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Female Success Factor » Chicago brings over 300 professional Black women together for empowerment

Chicago brings over 300 professional Black women together for empowerment

Chicago 300 Black Women is an organization that empowers thousands of African Amerian women from Chicagoland and surrounding areas.  The organization’s leadership has recently decided to establish chapters in Atlanta, Texas, Arizona and Washington, D.C., with more cities to come. Every year, C3BW hosts an annual gala to honor Black women of purpose who are committed to their careers, families and community.  This year, rolling out was able to sit with the founder and Chicago native, Tammy Hicks, Ph.D.

Tell me about the Chicago 300 Black Women organization?

The C3BW is a network of professional Black women who are entrepreneurial women who come together to educate, uplift and inspire one another.  This is a great group of women who join to become a better community of women that can be successful together.

What encouraged you to create an organization that brings Black women together?

I created this organization because of my personal experience. I’ve experienced how unfortunately society has made it [hard] for more than one successful Black woman in the room. A lot of us are in leadership roles and do believe in pulling out a chair for the next sister coming in the room.

I want to create a space for women to have that support system where we all have the space to be able to communicate some of the things we’re dealing with, some of the things we need to learn and a place to create a better sense of unity amongst us all over the world.

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