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Rapper Birdd Luciano explains why the industry should take notice of him

Photo courtesy of Birdd Luciano

Birdd Luciano brings melody and pain to his music. The Chicago artist is expressive in his delivery. He shares his street stories with the sense that his goal is to escape that reality. Rolling out spoke with Luciano recently about why people should take notice of him and his challenges in the industry.

What motivated you to become a rapper?

What motivated me was seeing that I was good at it and the reaction I would get from my family and friends. Me and my friends started off just freestyling and playing around with music. 

What was the first song you recorded? How was that experience? 

[It] was a song called “Focus,” which hit over 100K views [online]. I was surprised but it also showed me that I needed to take this seriously

What do you think makes Chicago rappers stand out? Why are you different? 

What makes us stand out is our pain and realness. It makes us stand out due to the fact that we’re authentic. I’m different because I mix pain with melodies, which you don’t hear a lot. I have my own sound.

Why should people pay attention to you? 

People should pay attention because I bring a fresh sound to the table and [my] music [actually] has a meaning.

How would you describe your music?

I would describe my music as trap soul.

What types of challenges have you had in this industry? How have you overcome them? 

My biggest challenge is staying consistent and trying to outwork the competition in front of me. I’ve overcome these challenges by making sure I stay busy with my music, promoting and just staying in their faces.

What do you have coming up as far as projects? 

I  just dropped my EP titled Ghetto Blessings, which is out right now and I have a lot of new singles on the way, specifically “Top Shottas,” which will feature Hood Brat from “Love & Hip Hop Miami” on the remix. It will be released in early Spring.

What producers have you worked with?

Xcellence, GetemLouie, Baron Galindo and more.

What words do you have for those looking to follow their dreams?  

Just stay focused and stay hungry. As long as you can outgrind the next person, you’re on the right track.

Listen to Ghetto Blessings by Birdd Luciano after the jump.

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