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Lori Harvey and Future marriage rumors causing Twitter meltdown

Future and Lori Harvey (Image source: Instagram – @loriharvey)

They call it March Madness for a reason.

During the month that is normally reserved for madness devoted to the annual NCAA basketball tournament, there is another kind of bedlam that is developing on Twitter: wild rumors are raging that Future and Lori Harvey have gotten married.

Twitter is beside itself at the prospect that Future, 36, and Lori Harvey, 23, have gotten hitched.

The rumors began in January when one of the mothers of Future’s children, Eliza Reign, said on her Instagram account that “that man been told me he’s getting married.”

The following month, Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter was captured on camera with some bling on her ring finger while she was out with a girlfriend.

Lori Harvey (Image source: Instagram – @loriharvey)

We hasten to mention that Future has the matter of settling the two outstanding paternity lawsuits before he can even comfortably move on with the rest of his life.

This rumor, egged on by a couple of entertainment blogs, is causing mass hysteria on Black Twitter.

Here is a small sampling of the hilarious responses to a possible Future-Harvey union below: